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Is terrorism the legacy of Muslims?

In 2005, a phrase was repeated on the international media that “not every Muslim is a terrorist but every terrorist is a Muslim”. Then the same phrase was erupted after the 2006 serial train blasts in Mumbai. If the terrorist attacks were investigated in a few hundreds of years, what we would be reminded of would be something like this. First let’s try to understand the definition of terrorism.

The meaning of terrorism is very complex and varied. Because this meaning varies from place to place, according to history, and history. That is why it is impossible to explain. If we look at the French Revolution a bit, we see that the word terror was first used by an Englishman named Edinburgh, when 1790 to 93 Was called the period of When the French Revolution raised many questions, the French government called its people a terrorist, explaining their actions, capturing more than five million people and cutting off more than 4,000 of them, deporting more than two million. And starved more than a dozen. In 1886 a huge labor procession erupted in a Chicago valley where a police explosion took place.

After which a feud between the policemen and laborers started and seven policemen were killed, totaling 12 policemen were killed yesterday, responsible for eight anarchs representing the ruling political party and the opposition.

On June 28, 1914, the Austrian prince and his wife were killed, followed by the start of World War I, followed by a group called the Young Bosians, and consisted only of non-Muslims. It was divided into two parts and the main causes of World War II were the first World War, which killed about six to eight million people.

In World War I, more than one million innocent civilians were killed. In that war, Germany, Turkey, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, and on the other hand were the United States, Britain, England, Russia, France, Portugal and Japan. At that time, the center of the Ottoman Caliphate, being a German ally, had to pay a heavy price for this war. The British occupied Turkey and tried to break Turkey, but Kamal Portugal kept some of them from the British.

On April 19, 1999, blasts took place in the United States main building, killing 166 people, which was then the largest attack in history, with all the rubble being poured into the media on Arabs and Muslims. After the investigation, it was learned that the two Americans responsible for it were Nicholas and Tremity, whose reports disappear after the arrest. After the 9/11, the United States launched a systematic war against Muslim countries. George Bush was later called the greatest terrorist and the 9/11 operation by US agencies.

In 1945, when the British ruled Jericho, there were several Jewish freedom fighters who called the British a terrorist group. On July 22, 1946, a group attacked the Hotel King David, the headquarters of the British Government and the headquarters of the Army. Etc. killed.

There were several presidents of this organ group, to name a few, “Reuben, Menachem Begin, Ariel Sharon”. The British government used to call them terrorists, but when Israel became an illegal state, many of those terrorists became ministers and prime ministers. Immediately after Palestinian Muslims are fighting for this freedom, the same Ariel Sharon, Menicum Begins calls them terrorists.

History tells us that Hitler drove the Jews from Germany, and that the Jews were marching everywhere. At that time the Palestinians said hello, and then these Jews kill and expel the Palestinians and call them terrorists. Similarly, you will find examples of many countries, including the United States, South Africa, where these countries were called terrorists by those who called for freedom from any occupying army or government, and when those empires were liberated they were called terrorist heroes.

What is a double attitude? Can anyone explain the word terrorism? Tell us about the United Nations how terrorism is inherited by Muslims. Are there any judicial requirements in the United Nations and Muslim countries? In Pakistan, FATF meetings continued, with only one demand that Hafiz Saeed and the Welfare Humanity Foundation be banned and so on.

It was also tried to prove that money laundering provides assistance to Hafiz Saeed and the Welfare Humanity Foundation, which terrorize them in the name of jihad in Kashmir, India and other countries.
Hafiz Saeed had been kept under wraps by the previous government, but the Supreme Court of Pakistan lifted the ban on Saeed and Welfare Humanity for lack of evidence.

First of all, I would like to tell the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the law enforcement agencies to understand the meaning of jihad! After that, I was very sorry that I failed to explain Hafiz Saeed and the goodwill of the humanity in the present world to the present literate government. Let them know that the Pakistani people love the Welfare Humanity Foundation and Hafiz Saeed, Jihad, Freedom Jammu and Kashmir, Kashmiri brothers, call Kashmir Kashmir as their Shah Rag and Therefore, the mind, the mind, are ready to sacrifice.

Secondly, if it is terrorism that Kashmiri Muslims are being subjected to so much cruelty today, after the recent Paloma attack, all the mother daughters of a village in Kashmir were raped by Indian soldiers in one night. And helping them are the biggest terrorist governments in the United States, Israel, India.
They should also be banned in the United Nations saying that they are bombing and killing innocent people in Afghanistan, Kashmir, Palestine, Iraq, Syria.

However, Hafiz Saeed and the Welfare Humanity Foundation know only to serve humanity, which is providing life to all sorts of religions, food and water and other needs, including Thar, where humanity is being trampled. First of all, the government of Pakistan should ask the UN to explain the word terrorism, is it terrorism to serve and realize humanity? Our religion calls it worship, and no one can stop us from worshiping it, so that we can think ahead with the UN.

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