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Look I’m gender critical…!

Domestic violence and oppression on gender-critical are the most tragic tragedies of our society. Although many measures have been taken to protect women’s rights, and laws have been made in the recent past, incidents of violence against women in Pakistan are increasing day by day. In these turbulent times, the government simply cannot fulfill its position by creating a Women Protection Bureau.

Every morning a new story of cruelty is heard, Eve’s daughter is tortured by beasts, tortured somewhere, then accused of having illicit relations and killed in a way that shook her soul. Gets up Honor killings have become commonplace in towns and rural areas of the country, where, according to a careful estimate, about 1,400 women are killed in honor every year.

According to a report, in the last five years, about 5,000 women, the so-called honor has gone up. While the honor killings are only one percent compared to the killings of women. Their husbands account for 30% of the killings of women, the husbands whom they consider to be virtual Gods. Twenty percent of the massacre of women is attributed to their fathers and brothers.

The house is a comfortable, four-walled headland that gives people a sense of peace and tranquility after a long day of exhaustion and unrest, but there are some who stay out of the house all day long. When they return, the accumulation of anger and temper tantrums throughout the day beats the gender fragile. As men gain the advantage that they are financially stable, they regard women as their own.

In Pakistani society, kicking in the name of honor, violence by husbands and in-laws, throwing acid or burning a woman in domestic disputes are common types of violence. Sometimes domestic violence is violence against women. Forcing people to take a serious path like suicide. According to UN reports, Pakistan is on the list of countries where incidents of violence against women occur to a serious extent.

Looking at this whole situation, imagine what kind of society we are breathing. Don’t know what it’s like? Allaah has declared the killing of one person as a murder of the whole humanity, and how is it that a person who has been given the sanctity is killed? What a tragedy, and what a sense of insensitivity, the mercy of his parents who kills his father, then the brother who is called the sister’s protector, sleeps forever.

Somewhere someone pays a pistol pill for not having a relationship that they are not mine and not anyone else’s. And wherever property is inherited, accusations of illicit relationships are imposed on individuals for personal gain.

What could be more tragic is that this violence and humiliation originates from the negative attitudes of the people in the household. The woman who is the mother, the sister, the wife, the daughter, her existence is oppressed on the basis of old and baseless ideas.

The beatings of women fall into the category of abusive glitches, unrelenting sanctions and unrest, emotional and psychological pressing needs, fighting quarrels, forced marriage of daughters, domestic violence, sadness that such domestic violence has become a part of our society. Has been done. Extremists with limited and aggressive mentality do not feel comfortable doing such violence.

Their mind is unable to grasp that the public is the daughter of Eve, responsible for the growth of the human race. But the occurrence of such cases of domestic violence on a daily basis is also a sign of a weak grip on the law. While some play a role in protecting the oppressors, some are released on account of weaknesses in the judicial system. It is imperative that the culprits be punished publicly for the purpose of preventing such disgusting events. When a criminal is not punished, he is punished and then he commits atrocities.

The judicial system should be strengthened and tightened so that no one can oppress women. In addition to this, it is necessary to acknowledge any problem. Human rights representatives and experts believe that in any society, the elimination of violence against women and their rights will not be possible for men to address these issues without making them part of the campaign.

There is a need to train not only women but also men about women’s rights by making education common. At the governmental and social level, measures to eliminate not only sexual and physical violence of women but also to eliminate mental distress are essential for how long will the daughter of Hawa continue to be the victim of oppression…?

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