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Pakistan accuses Pakistan of unfettered army disqualification!

By excusing the incident, Indian Prime Minister Modi, who has been blamed for his role, has been exposed to open threats by accusing Pakistan. Launched a series of assassinations on Kashmiris in Muslims, especially in different cities of India.

This is not an administrative action, but it is the foolishness of India’s security to self-destruct. The ability to think in a nutshell is lost. Most will forget that they will feel India like this.

Where they can be guaranteed the protection of their wealth and honor, who are proud to sacrifice themselves for such a protective land, that their children and other loved ones will live the life of Sikh China in the madness they do not understand. They will also reap the hatred crop that sows the hatred they are sowing for their evil deeds, and are creating anti-India riots within India. Extremist Hindus and cowardly Indian troops are lionizing in front of masses. Has made the victims of the notion that “when you have to die, you have to kill” is the only way to express it and The possibility of further events like Pulwama cannot be ruled out. When extremist Hindus have made this case, what does Pakistan need to do to get themselves involved in such acts and then a serious visit to the Indian media? Lying is enough to destabilize India too.

Pakistan’s media is not a victim of war. The choice of soft words for warm messages from the Prime Minister and the army is actually a testament to the confidence of the people of Pakistan that whenever India threw any kind of hunk. Given that they would be embarrassed what happened to us.
ISPR DG Maj. Gen. Asif Ghafoor did not raise questions from the army, but hit the adulterated shoe (more than slap) on the face of 8 lakh Indian soldiers if Mujahideen from Pakistan successfully attacked the Indian army only. They are also trending Kashmiri youth, so what these Indian soldiers who are doing step by step along the barbed fence on the Line of Control are weighing heavily on Mr. Asif Ghafoor.

Instead of persuading Pakistan to hold a collective court martial of the army in self-occupied Kashmir, Kashmiri militants have launched a “court martial” of the Indian army in which they are being sentenced to death. The events of Pulwama and Chhattisgarh Purama are linked to the same tragedy. Major General Asif Ghafoor has identified the eight incidents when Indian rulers expressed their dissatisfaction against Pakistan.

After the partition of the subcontinent on August 14, 1947, Pakistan was established which was not recognized by Indian rulers. The market of persecution in occupied Kashmir has been hot for 72 years. Kashmir was attacked in 1947. War in 6565 On the occasion of heavy snowfall when the Pak army was not there, the occupied Black China Glacier when the Natwa troops invaded Afghanistan, India started to make the situation on the eastern border worse. Get more or less and get terrorists to enter Pakistan Or at the Shin Hoon Pakistan is an important event in the rykardrkhty huayk track.

The allegation of Pakistan’s entry into “terrorist-occupied Kashmir” from Pakistan is a disgrace to the Indian army all over the world. For 70 years, the Indian Army has been playing cards on the Line of Control that terrorists are not only carrying 300kg of explosives I will enter, but also make 44 soldiers to hell and the Indian army will not know.

What kind of army would be able to defend its country when it is not competing not only with Kashmiris but with trained and confident Pakistanis? Secondly, the time when foreign heads are visiting Pakistan and billions. Why is Pakistan involved in such events if investment is being made and reasons for its economy are stabilizing?

The Pakistani army is the only army in the world that completely surrendered the terrorist monster and shocked the world. No doubt it had to pay a heavy price. The loss of $ 100 billion amounted to 70 thousand civilians and soldiers. The economy has had devastating effects, but thanks to God today, both the nation and the military are upset.

Today, even in the bodies of Kashmiris, Roh Muhammad has raised the spirit of jihad and he has become fearless of death and it is a bright chapter of the great history of the Muslims when the Muslims were free from fear of death.

A thousand to one million defeated the lesson and in the present time, forty-five thousand Taliban defeated a half-million army equipped with the latest weapons and sealed the truth of the past.
To bring the Taliban to the negotiating table with the United States who are proud of the letter as wrong.

This is one of the ways of Allah Almighty when it is intended to punish the unjust, then the army of the Pharaoh who pursues the intention of complete elimination of the oppressed tribes is drowned in the Nile. India’s army, which was involved in the madness of KK, has also been trapped in the valleys of the occupied Kashmir. This is the first suicide attack.

Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s statement regarding the Mumbai attacks or the drama was not found anywhere in the country, so let us assume for a while that Hafiz Saeed, the head of the Jamaat-e-Islami, sent some people to visit the Taj Mahal in Mumbai. The hotel was attacked, and two men, including Ajmal Qab, were aboard the boat, claiming that India had disqualified its military intelligence agencies and border guards for prolonging the entry of some people into the country. They did not know anything about traveling to Mumbai and going to the hotel to ask for a refreshment.

Similarly, the Indian terrorist clubhouse claimed that the Pak army or ISI had kidnapped Iran in this way, so India was unaware of its army and intelligence agencies as well as the ability of the Iranian army and intelligence agencies. But it is not surprising that no one from Iran has ever been suspected of abducting a recruiter from his land, however Prime Minister Imran Khan and three armed forces came. SPRD Major General Asif Ghafoor, who has replied to India, will not only respond in the event of aggression, This is the voice of the whole Pakistani nation.

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