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Talking of war It’s very easy to threaten!

The foolish-minded ruler who thinks murder is the rationale for success. It can be expected of all kinds of misconduct, it is not a defiant ruler, nor is it an argument and compromise when he wants to fire the compromised express. By planting hundreds of innocent lives alive, he brings forth a role like Ajmal Kasab to fulfill his political goals and justifies the Mumbai attack and then invades Pakistan.

How many cheaters you even went to the photo of Abdul Rashid Ghazi in uniform saying fake ‘footage of a car bomb in Syria and Iraq’. It has also thrown India’s claim of secularism into the fire like “Compromised Express” and has brought its crooked face to the world.

It is a nasty image of the Hindu Tawa that has mixed the independence and identity of the Indian people with the dust. Whoever believes that this time is sure to lose. So through his “agencies” in Holocaust, Holly opened fire and blood in Paloma and killed his own young men, he is saddened not only by his sure defeat but also for losing his mental balance as The days of his defeat are drawing to a close, and the madness attacks are getting worse.

Threatening ‘Misleading the media and getting through it, not talking about peace and exaggeration all the time. The only thing left to do is to mislead your people. Considering our weakness as “tomatoes”, it has stopped its trade. The fools do not even know that Pakistan is an agricultural country. Tomatoes are also born in this country, even if very few can survive without it.

This nation, ignorant of ignorance, needs wit. If not available to them, more than 80% of the population is living below the poverty line. Those who do not have access to food and medical treatment facilities have a dream. Let’s talk about the “strong Akhwas” ruler of this people.

He should not forget the war of 65. Declaring his success as a conspiracy of the 71’s, he does not know that this is not the case now nor is he the first Pakistan. Now we can only win. We have nothing to lose. Neither do we need to look back.

Now we will move forward. Narendra Modi will have to remember. The valley, drenched in the Kashmir strike, shook hands in the deserted roads and in the Senate to prove that he was addressing millions of people.

The move to fool the world can be called madness. The world is not stupid nor is it ignorance. He does not even think that the person sitting in this position does not embrace these good actions. This is the case with his Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj and Home Minister Raj Nath.

Boosting – Evoking public sentiment is to ‘talk irrational’ to prove that they are caught in the “self-deception” swamp where artists, their derogatory behavior with artists, intimidation of players, from the Mohali stadium Download pictures of cricketers.

This is not proof of low-mindedness. Attacks on mosques, desecration of homes, killing of Muslims in the name of Gaur Khasha, giving cow status as mother, while their courts are saying “Hajj”. How to adopt an animal as a mother Like any other animal, it is a beast. Under its guise, its thugs have created anarchy and distraction.

In their media there are like-minded people who start commenting and analyzing what they deem unwise. In other words, they support “ignorance”. Indian people should understand that wars are not the solution to any problem. Let’s keep this in mind too ”is another name for war failure. After war, it is difficult to imagine success.

The history of the world witnesses that millions of people have been affected by these wars. The destruction of Japan, the wars of North Korea, the wars of Iran, Iraq, Vietnam, Commodia. These are historical facts which cannot be denied. In addition, more than half the world was devastated and its effects on the whole world.

North Wenjibu is the US ally today and so have the negotiators in the end of the world wars and today they have become allies. The example of the European Union is before us. Five million people have to die, trillions of dollars in property. The catastrophe was devastated.

Modi should know that the art of tea making is not even capable of storming the cup of tea. It is unfortunate of such a big country that you are aware of the throne you are being ruined by your fools and fools.

There is simply no point for you or the subsequent rulers to stop this “revolution”. “Stop Sukhotrok” You will not be able to stop. It will be remembered that this Pakistan is not a past Pakistan.
The war is in our head but we are also the victims of peace and prosperity.

We are not afraid of death. You see, after giving seventy years of terror, Kashmiris give their blood for their freedom and shed their blood; , The valley where the flowers of the martyrs blossom, their freedom log is the wall.

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