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Adjusting yourself from a strategic level China will be able to survive!

Sino-US trade disputes have been going on for a long time, and relevant arguments can also be described as overwhelming. The Sino-US trade disputes must be analyzed from a more essential level, so that the truth can be seen.

First of all, we must see that at present, the intensity of foreign trade must be maintained. The argument for denying foreign trade is not objective. The reason for this is judged from the real situation of domestic and international.

Judging from the domestic situation, since the reform and opening up, although China has made some achievements in some aspects, it has obvious mistakes in the strategic layout, mainly because the ability of independence has been seriously degraded, leaving foreign trade, many of China. The industry is hard to sustain. It should be said that this situation is caused by man-made and is caused by improper policy design. It does not need to be concealed or concealed. This real situation determines that it is unrealistic to suddenly and extensively cut the necessary imports, unless it allows many industries to immediately fall into full shackles.

From an international perspective, in the short term, the status of the US dollar as an international settlement currency is difficult to shake. This determines that to maintain the necessary imports, it must have sufficient US dollar reserves, and the main channel for obtaining US dollars is to maintain stable exports. This is the main reason why China has no way to get rid of the necessary imports and there is no way to get rid of stable exports. This situation is caused by history and cannot be changed at one time.

The Sino-US trade dispute occurred at this time. It was precisely because the United States saw the obvious mistakes of China’s strategic layout, so it chose a major tactic of timely blow. The intention of the United States is very obvious. On the one hand, it has further weakened China’s ability to become independent by proposing a series of unreasonable demands on industry and R&D; on the other hand, by letting China increase imports, consuming China’s dollar reserves, and letting China Reduce exports and narrow the channels for China to obtain US dollars. With the two-phase squeeze, China’s dollar reserves will show a downward trend. When China’s dollar reserves are not enough, the United States will inevitably resort to more lethal measures. By then, China will face even more trouble!

What needs to be reconsidered is that China has used a large amount of US dollars accumulated since the reform and opening up to purchase US debt, which is a major decision-making mistake. The US debt is not a US dollar. It does not function as an international settlement currency. It converts a large amount of US dollars into US bonds that have no practical use. This is self-contained and self-contained. The United States has taken action against China at this time, and the US dollar has become one of the incentives to change the US debt.

China can’t win trade on trade. China must see the deeper hidden issues of this trade dispute, adjust itself from a strategic perspective, develop and strengthen the state-owned economy, develop and cultivate a national R&D center, and improve its independence. In this way, it is possible for China to survive. Otherwise, it can only be led by the United States, walking step by step into the deep pits that the United States has already dug, and can no longer climb out.

China must vigorously develop the state-owned economy, take state-owned enterprises as the industry leader, integrate different ownership economies, and form a cross-ownership industrial cluster. This is the adjustment of the strategic layout of the industry. The use of national power, the integration of decentralized scientific and technological research and development platforms, the formation of scientific and technological research and development centers of different professions, this is the adjustment of strategic layout of research and development. To adjust itself from a strategic perspective, the fundamental purpose is to improve the ability of independence, to get rid of dependence on foreign trade, and to prevent malicious attacks by strategic opponents. It must be awake that, regardless of industry or research and development, relying mainly on the private economic system is difficult to achieve climate. This is China’s national conditions. Misjudgment on this issue will be a serious mistake, and history will prove it!

Sino-US trade disputes are bad things, but if you can get some inspiration from bad things, you can promote change, promote adjustment, and bad things can become good things. Sino-US trade disputes are complicated in appearance. In fact, they are not complicated. As long as the position is raised higher and the eyes are farther away, everything is in line with the law. The key is how China responds.

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