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Improve the ability to prepare for war by using the bottom line thinking

On January 21st, General Secretary Xi Jinping made an important speech at the opening ceremony of the main leading cadres at the provincial and ministerial levels, insisting on the prevention and resolution of major risks in the groundbreaking seminar on the prevention and resolution of major risks. Paying attention to the bottom line thinking is an important ideological method, working method and leadership method repeatedly emphasized by General Secretary Xi Jinping. It is also a distinctive feature of our party’s governance of the country in the new era. Advancing the cause of strengthening the country and strengthening the military, we urgently demand that the bottom line thinking should be prepared for war and war, be fully prepared for war at any time, firmly grasp the strategic initiative of international military competition, and provide strategic support for realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

At the time of the trial, the situation is tight and ready to fight. Adhere to the bottom line thinking, oppose short-sightedness, pride and complacency, blind optimism, emphasis on changing from time to time, with the trend, containing profound insight into time and potential, keen judgment and strategic determination. The world today is in a major change in the past 100 years. The comprehensive, global and extroverted features of China’s security needs are more prominent. The whole army must recognize the times and trends of China’s key stages of development from the big to the strong, and always prepare for war. This string. At the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, General Secretary Xi Jinping comprehensively summed up the brilliant achievements of our military’s construction and development. At the same time, it stressed the need to adhere to the bottom line thinking, all the minds to focus on the war, and all work to fight hard.

On January 4, 2019, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized at the Military Work Conference of the Central Military Commission that the entire army must correctly understand and grasp the general trend of China’s security and development, set up a warfare baton, and take responsibility for the war. The preparations for promoting military struggle have been greatly strengthened. To advance the new era and prepare for war, we must comprehensively grasp the general trend of the world, the general trend of the country, and the general trend of the military. In particular, we must grasp the new changes in the world’s scientific and technological revolution, industrial revolution, and military revolution, grasp the new characteristics of the military’s mechanized informationization, intelligent and comprehensive development, and grasp the informationization. The new trend of war and intelligent warfare has evolved, so as to be motivated by the trend, to respond to the trend, and to follow the trend. We must have a sense of war preparedness, and we must have the mental preparations for “fake out of the night war,” strengthen our sense of urgency, crisis, and snoring, keep our strategy clear, and always maintain our posture, and fight for the spirit of the day and night. Things, real problems, and preparations for snoring.

Peace of mind and danger to break the “peaceful evils.” Adhering to the bottom line thinking means always self-examination and self-policing. It is neither paralyzed by the good times in front of you, nor is it self-satisfied with the results of the moment. The more you achieve the results, the more you must be cautious, you must have the worry of being prepared for danger. History repeatedly warns the world: born in sorrow, died in peace. Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty “opened the Yuan Dynasty”, enjoying the Taiping in the ruling and the wilderness, and the martial arts were abolished. The scholar-officials were ashamed of the military; in the Northern Song Dynasty, Wu Xiuwen, Shangwu culture was not prosperous, and the national wealthy army was weak. All these kinds of things, all lead to civil strife or death. Peace is the highest praise for the army. Indulging in peace and tranquility is the enemy of the army. If you are in danger, you can live in peace.

At present, our military is facing the severe challenges of keeping up with the trend of world military development and accelerating the cause of strengthening the military. It also faces outstanding problems such as the prolongation of “peacefulness and malpractice”. The army is a combat team. It is always necessary to make preparations for war as the top priority, and to make a big start and a cleanup of peace. The whole army is only prepared for danger in peace, and thoroughly corrects the “peaceful affairs”, “peace officials”, “peace routines” and other insults with the spirit of rectification, and thoroughly rethinks the problems behind the problems, in order to fundamentally resolve the preparations for snoring with a non-defeating mentality. In the name of snoring, we will do outstanding things such as things that have nothing to do with snoring. We will vigorously cultivate our convictions of fighting in the country, be willing to fight against bloody battles, be realistic and combat character, and be brave and tenacious fighting style, and forge our army into a new era. , the ability to fight, the battle will win the elite soldiers.

Take precautions to strengthen the demand for combat. Adhere to the bottom line thinking, pay attention to advance planning, make good first-hand moves, and take the initiative to fight, to be prepared, prevent problems before they happen. This kind of positive thinking with strategic vision is not a self-restraint of traditional experience, nor a step-by-step approach to reality. It has a strong sense of foresight, preparation and first-hand consciousness. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that “it is better to prepare without fighting, and not to fight without preparation”. “I will insist on how to practice when fighting troops, and what to do if you need to fight.” These important expositions have profoundly revealed the winning law of combat demand and preparation for war. At present, the information war has accelerated and the intelligent war has begun to take shape. The war form has continuously evolved into information and evolved rapidly.

The war has changed from time to time, and preparations for wars cannot be followed by obedience and obedience. We cannot rely on mechanized semi-mechanized troops to win tomorrow’s informational and intelligent wars, nor can we use old combat forces to measure the actual combat level of the new era. Advancing the new era to prepare for war, we must focus on winning the new requirements of informationized warfare and intelligent warfare, insisting on the need of combat demand, always aiming at tomorrow’s war, docking future battlefield needs, and deeply understanding the new war winning mechanism, advancing me. The military’s combat capability construction will accelerate transformation, reshape the whole, and leapfrog development. We will use the newer and more brave minds to plan today’s preparations, design tomorrow’s wars, and win the future battlefield, and strive to realize the transition from passive adaptation to active design war. The future war will win the first opportunity.

Preventing micro-duration to resolve major security risks. Adhere to the bottom line thinking, focus on strengthening risk awareness, scientifically anticipate the development trend of the situation and hide the risk challenges, and focus on preventing risks, mitigating risks, and turning to risks. The current world strategic pattern has evolved profoundly, and the number of global turbulence sources and risk points has increased. China is at a critical stage of development from large to strong, and it is expected that the risk challenges will be more and more unpredictable. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that in the face of the turbulent international situation, the complex and sensitive surrounding environment, and the arduous and arduous reform, development and stability tasks, we must always maintain a high degree of vigilance.

We must be highly vigilant against the “black swan” incident and also guard against ” The gray rhinoceros event; not only must have the first hand to prevent risks, but also have the courage to cope with and solve the risk challenge; it is necessary to lay a good job in preparing for the prevention and protection of risks, and also to lay a good strategy for turning the risk into danger and turning the crisis into opportunity. Active warfare. Advancing the new era to prepare for war, we must adapt to the security strategy needs to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, use the bottom line thinking to strengthen scientific prejudgment, and be highly vigilant against the danger of the country being invaded, subverted, and divided, and be highly vigilant about the danger of destruction, development, stability and overall destruction. Highly wary of the danger of the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics being interrupted, foreseeing the possible war risks, solidly preparing for military struggles in various strategic directions, and coordinating the preparation of military struggles in the field of traditional security and new security, ensuring that once there is a sudden The situation can be won and dealt with, ensuring that if something goes wrong and wins.

Really improve the ability to defend the enemy. Adhering to the bottom line thinking is not only an internal self-examination, but also a strong sense of adversary and hostility. It has the courage and confidence to compete with strong players and strong enemies. Our country pursues a defensive national defense policy. Our military is known as a mighty teacher and a civilized teacher. It opposes the “national power must be hegemonic”, strong bullying, and will not engage in aggression and expansion, but it will not be arbitrary. China is provocative, so we must not have the necessary sense of hostility and preparedness. Compared with dealing with various realities or potential war threats, no matter whether you know the level of “confiding yourself and knowing yourself” or preparing for war, you need to have a big improvement.

The whole army only strengthens the bottom line thinking, deeply studies the opponents, understands the opponents, restrains the opponents, comprehensively judges the enemy strength, the weak, the enemy and the enemy, the enemy weak and the strong, and finds the strong weaknesses and longboards of the opponent’s war system and the combat system. Short-term, in order to know each other and expect the enemy to be first. We must pay attention to taking the enemy as the teacher, taking the enemy as a guide, targeting the enemy, keeping a close eye on the new concept, new strategy, and new tactics of the strong enemy, training the strategy and tactics, strengthening the combat system, and practicing the winning method. Too hard, to achieve the effect, to talk about the weight, to win the game, to ensure that I am short of the enemy, I can not beat the enemy.

Effective control of the crisis is difficult. Adhering to the bottom line thinking is to grasp the overall situation, to manage the situation, to consciously understand the situation, to seek the situation, to layout, to effectively stabilize the situation, to break the bureau, to control the situation, to have both the “first mover” that is prepared for the rain, and the “attack” of the move. “,” everything is prepared from the bad, and strive for the best results. At present, China’s development is still in an important period of strategic opportunities. At the same time, the connotation and conditions of the important strategic opportunity period have undergone new changes. One outstanding aspect is that the international and surrounding security environment is more complicated, sometimes facing the complicated situation of dilemmas and difficulties.

If you don’t know the situation, you will lose. The Party’s 19th National Congress report puts forward the strategic goal of “effectively shaping the situation, controlling the crisis, containing the war, and winning the war”, which puts higher demands on our military to strengthen the bottom line thinking and prepare for war. To this end, we must base ourselves on the most difficult and complicated situation, and fully consider the most ideal, most unfavorable and most probable situations of future military struggles, and use preparations and wars, deterrence and actual combat, war operations and military forces in peacetime. A whole operation, not only scientifically designing various plans for the good times, but also comprehensively preparing for the stalemate, striving to effectively control the crisis, effectively control the war situation during wartime, and strive to grasp the strategic initiative for the peace of the country. Development creates a favorable strategic posture and actively contributes to the building of a community of human destiny.

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