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It is the last word to develop and grow yourself!

Trump Twitter said: “In the past 10 months, China has paid 25% of the US$50 billion high-tech products to the US and 10% of the other 200 billion US dollars. The tariff component has contributed to our good economic results. From Friday, the 10% tariff will rise to 25%. The other US$325 billion worth of Chinese exports to the US are not subject to tariffs, but will be levied soon, with a tax rate of 25 %. Paying tariffs to the United States has little impact on product costs, most of which is borne by China. Trade negotiations with China are underway, but progress is too slow, they are trying to renegotiate. No!”

Originally, the United States claimed to impose tariffs on Chinese goods from January 1 this year. After that, Trump repeatedly delayed execution time and tried to resolve the trade dispute between the two countries through Sino-US negotiations and let the trade war stop. However, for several months, the US government officials and relevant departments did not seem to create an atmosphere for the “armistice”. On the contrary, they increased their accusations against China and poured sewage.

US Vice President Pence published his remarks against China. Just the day before yesterday (3rd), he was still accepting the US News and Business Channel (CNBC), saying that he still “reserved opinions” on Sino-US trade negotiations.

Finance Minister Mnuchin said that the negotiations between the two sides in Beijing last round were “fruitful”; the White House acting chief of staff, Malwani, even said last Tuesday that the US-China trade negotiations may be in the next two weeks. The solution was resolved internally; US President Trump also said that “the trade negotiations between the two countries have progressed very smoothly.” But Burns “still has reservations.” Burns declared: China “compulsory technology transfer, intellectual property theft is a fact. … China must change structural issues and trade imbalances, and we must continue to stand firm on these issues.”

Pompeo smothered China, saying: “China is spreading nets around the world to steal your information, my information, and information from American universities, and to pass this information back to China.”…” American companies must also be aware of this. The purpose of this technology, who you sell it to.” … “The United States recognizes that China has a population of 1.5 billion, the two countries will have trade, but we must ensure the United States Being able to be a world leader in the next 10, 20, and 50 years.”

Wait a minute, the US government’s hawkish politicians have not stopped smearing and attacking China. This has been even worse in the past few months. They are never willing to see the success of Sino-US trade negotiations. Their remarks and opinions not only affect the government and the political arena, but also influence Trump, who originally regarded China as the biggest opponent. Therefore, it is not surprising that Trump has changed his face again.

It is difficult to reach a “perfect agreement” in the institutional dispute

Regarding the Sino-US trade war provoked by the United States, the author has pointed out in many articles that it is not a seemingly contending trade deficit, but a deep-seated ideology of the two countries. Therefore, if the United States cannot eliminate its hostility towards the Chinese polity and insist on attempting to change its Chinese polity with its “universal value,” the Sino-US trade war cannot be stopped unless China surpasses the United States in overall strength, or China completely confesses.

Some experts and scholars in China believe that the reason why the United States has provoked Sino-US trade wars is because China has not continued to “slow and support” and should not advance toward the center of the world stage. The development of the past decade has benefited from the help of the United States but does not know “grateful”. Even the “Chinese Dream”, “Belt and Road”, “Made in China 2025” and so on should not be annoyed, and the United States and so on. These “chondrosis” views are in line with the meaning of the United States, and some “foreign slaves” who are exiled overseas often provide the US media and even the political arena with “cannonballs” that smear and attack China, so that the American hawks have confidence in China. Unbridled pressure.

The development of China for decades has certainly benefited from a harmonious international political environment, but more is the result of a series of policies and policies of the Chinese government and the hard work of all Chinese people. If the United States helps China’s development during the period, it is also the United States’ interests for itself, and it is by no means the United States for the benefit of China.

Today’s development path chosen by China has been exchanged for bloodshed and sacrifices by several generations of China. It also contains the wisdom of the Chinese nation for thousands of years. The United States regards its own values ​​as “universal values” and tries to exclude China’s political system. It is certainly not reconciled to see China’s rapid development under its own political system. It is considered a threat to “universal values” and a dominance of its world. The threat, feeling the fear. Therefore, it is the dream of the United States to do everything possible to make China discolored into a sphere of influence in the West. If this goal is not achieved, it must take measures to curb China’s development and destroy China’s achievements. This is the essence of the United States provoking the Sino-US trade war.

Since the Sino-US trade war more than a year ago, the United States has repeatedly made various demands on China, and China has made many adjustments accordingly. This aspect is of course to avoid the growing scale of trade disputes with the United States, the increasingly fierce situation, and the need for self-development on the other. However, the United States has not shown corresponding recognition and approval for China’s adjustment so far. On the contrary, the asking price is getting higher and higher and the posture is getting more and more ar The United States has lost the principle of fairness in “universal values” in the Sino-US trade dispute. For example, not long ago, the Chinese government announced the new open financial policy, not only liberalized the holding ratio of foreign banks, but also allowed foreign banks. Handling RMB storage business. No branch of a Chinese bank in the United States can handle the US dollar storage business. Is there anything like this in the United States that is fair?

The United States has always shown unwarranted skepticism about some of China’s commitments in trade negotiations, and has repeatedly discredited and distorted China’s achievements in economic and technological development, saying that it was obtained by “stealing the United States” and completely disregarding the Chinese people. The fact of hard work. The United States claims to “verify” China’s commitments, but it has not yet signed an agreement to impose tariffs on the anti-Erga. Does this not reflect the dissatisfaction of the United States?

From these circumstances, it can be seen that the Sino-US trade war is by no means a simple “tariff” issue. It is a matter of time before the United States imposes tariffs on Chinese goods. It is impossible to have too many illusions about the United States. It is impossible to reach a “perfect agreement.”

China and the United States are not only disputes in trade, but also in other aspects. Now the Trump administration in the United States has regarded China as a “challenge object” from its competitors. Therefore, we must be fully prepared for the battle.

First, persist in taking me as the mainstay and continue to grow and develop.

Development is the last word. Only by developing and strengthening the overall national strength can capital be negotiated with people. Weak countries will never want to achieve “fairness” in negotiations with the powerful countries. Therefore, the policies concerning the development and growth of the country should be firmly implemented and not changed by the meaning of others.

The second is to play its own fine traditions and flexibly control disputes.

The Communist Party of China had many fine traditions before the founding of the new China. The war years were weak and strong, and the trade war between China and the United States was worth learning. If you don’t believe in dogma, avoid the opponent’s way, fight with flexible guerrilla tactics, talk and play, etc., be flexible and control disputes.

The third is to unite the international community and strive to make more friends.

It is a very important factor in China’s development and growth, and it is an effective means to deal with American bullying. Some people do not understand or even discredit the Chinese government’s support for Africa. In fact, this is narrow-minded and short-sighted. I don’t know the naive performance of it.

The fourth is to strengthen national awareness and unify the outside world.

The trade war with the United States is a long-term, comprehensive “war”, and all the people must “go in battle.” Of course, this is not to say that everyone should be “on the battlefield,” but that the people of the country can be unified, consistent, and more discouraged. Some people are very jealous of the word “unified thinking” and think that this is “brainwashing.” Should the United States contain China’s development, attempt to subvert the Chinese government in the United States, and attempt to destroy our good days to realize the “Chinese Dream” in the United States, shouldn’t it be a mind to unify the outside world? Should you think about how to help the United States? Is it because you want to mess up people’s thoughts in the Sino-US trade war? Unless you are not a Chinese, unless you are a “foreign slave”!

We do not want to see the Sino-US trade war continue. The United States will impose tariffs on China’s development and even have a slight impact on the lives of the Chinese people. But this is not changed by our will. Sooner or later. will happen. Only by losing illusions, being fully prepared, coherent, and actively fighting, and accelerating the development and growth of oneself can be in a favorable position in this Sino-US trade war, and even in the overall dispute between China and the United States. There is no other way, unless the white flag is raised!

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