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Scholars screamed Save the Chinese reservoir!

During the two days of the “Global Reservoir Dam Symposium” held in Xi’an, the atmosphere was very hot. I have the privilege of listening to reports from top water experts and scholars from all over the world. Among them, I was deeply impressed by Ms. Wang Yinan from the National Institute of Resources and Environmental Policy and Mr. Zhang Boting, deputy secretary-general of the China Hydropower Engineering Society. They also expressed their distressed feelings about the long-term demonization of the Chinese hostile forces from the Chinese hostile forces. Feel the same.

From this data, we can easily see that the more the natural ecological protection is intact and the animal and plant protection is colored, the more the barrage and reservoir are built. In other words, the reservoir and the barrage are the biggest ecological restoration tools. At the same time, the reservoir and the barrage are also the largest projects to save the country. It is a miracle in the history of modern industrial architecture. But precisely because it is so beautiful, it has been subjected to vicious rumors of foreign hostile forces for more than a decade, and has been demonized for a long time.

In order to prevent the Chinese from building themselves into a powerful country without floods, the United States organized a group of experts and scholars from Harvard and other institutions of higher learning, and sent them back to China to spread horrific rumors and rumors in Chinese official and water conservancy systems. fake-science.

I have seen a well-known network rumor saying: “After the removal of 900 dams in the United States, the ecological recovery is amazing.” But in fact, we can see from the national water development utilization table that although the population in the United States is only 1/ 3, but the utilization rate of water resources in the United States is three times that of ours! The United States did dismantle 900 dams, but the 900 dams that the United States dismantled were old dams, and some had to rebuild larger and better dams. And there are more than 80,000 dam projects in the United States, and the number of Chinese dams is still less than 20% of the United States.

American NGOs spread a large number of rumors in China, instilling in Chinese policymakers and people the lie that “the dam is not conducive to ecology”. But in fact, countries such as Norway, Canada, and the United States, which have better ecological restoration and better protection of animal and plant species, are precisely the countries with the highest utilization rate of water conservancy projects. The development and utilization are several times that of China. What is the actual cause

The top experts in the water conservancy industry explained that the reason for this is that the natural river itself is violent and not conducive to ecological stability. Rainwater is the process of natural gas circulation from the evaporation of water vapor from oceans and large lakes, and rivers are the result of long-term infiltration of these rainwaters, so all rivers have strong seasonal and kinetic energy.

The kinetic energy of the river will cut the forests on both sides of the river or take away the sediment for a long time. This will easily lead to landslides on the two sides of the river or siltation in the downstream, which will form an ecological disaster over time. And because natural rivers are too violent, they often cause intermittent disasters. For example, causing huge floods, drowning tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people at a time. Or because of the long-term cutting of the river, plus the effects of dehydration during the rainy season and dry season on the river bank, and the sedimentation and other causes of the river’s major diversion or the formation of new lakes such as huge ecological damage and disaster.

Historically, the reversal of the Yellow River has caused enormous disasters to the people on both sides of the strait and caused terrible damage to the ecology of the two sides. In the process of the change and formation of the Poyang Lake and Dongting Lake, the Yangtze River also caused huge human deaths and injuries, and large-scale fish populations were extinct due to drastic changes in the hydrological environment.

Therefore, field experts said that many people think that the idea of ​​“natural river flowing = ecological and animal and plant protection” is wrong. The modern water conservancy projects (reservoirs and barrage dams) invented by human beings are the great protection for natural rivers and coastal ecology. The status and data of water conservancy construction and ecological protection in western developed countries can fully explain this point.

Experts also said that the reservoir has the function of releasing water when it is dry and water storage when there is water. Therefore, the water surface depth of the river can be maintained for a long time, and the repeated erosion of river water by both sides can be avoided. At the same time, the reservoir power station can take away the kinetic energy of the water, so that the kinetic energy carried by the water flow is reduced, which can avoid the kinetic energy of the river to cut the two sides.

These can not only protect the water and soil, animals and plants on both sides of the strait, but also enable fish in the river to obtain more stable habitat conditions, thereby increasing the rate of egg production. Some migratory fish, such as the Chinese sturgeon, will form new spawning grounds under the dam. (Actually, the formation of ancient Dongting Lake and Poyang Lake has also changed the spawning habits and spawning grounds of Chinese sturgeon.

Yu Kongjian, an “expert” from Harvard in the United States, and others, wrote an article criticizing China’s water conservancy project. He said that he has been working with the Chinese government to gradually dismantle water conservancy projects in the past few years. Gradually get rid of the cement river embankment and restore the river beach. Let the frog lay eggs, let the fish swim, let the river flow naturally, let the ecological vegetation recover, and then play a natural and better “capillary” flood control function.

However, in fact, water conservancy experts from various countries said at the meeting that some of Yu Kongjian’s statements are simply untenable. For example, in the West of Norway, Switzerland, Italy, France, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany, the construction and utilization of dams and dykes are almost over 90%. After a good water conservancy project, they only On this basis, the river ecological construction will be carried out instead of demolishing the water conservancy project and returning to the “original state”.

At the same time, the so-called “natural rivers” are more resistant to floods, and they are unfounded and cannot withstand any scientific data or historical tests. If you don’t believe it, you will go and watch with Zhou Xiaoping. There is hardly any large-scale water conservancy project in China. There is no cement river on both sides of the river. It is all the time when the plants are full of frog fish and covered with pebbly beach. What kind of it is? The situation.

From 1911 to 2016, China’s water conservancy project development utilization rate is from 1% to 34%. Therefore, we can fully see that water conservancy projects are not only for the benefit of the country, but also for the people. Not only will it not destroy the ecology, but it will protect the ecology. (Every time there is flooding, there are countless people and animals and plants drowning.) Therefore, from these common-sense data, we can see that the “natural river” flood control theory promoted by Professor Harvard in China is basically The unreasonable pseudoscience is comparable to the famous “water-to-oil” scam.

In fact, Yiyang and other places across the country have actively demolished a large number of rivers under the impetus of this “natural restoration” trend. This is related to the large-scale guilt in the summer of 2016. Fortunately, the dam has not been dismantled yet. Therefore, it is also possible to intercept the flood peaks to regulate the flow, so 2016 is only a flood and there is no large-scale death of the people.

However, at the time of the flood, Harvard’s Chinese scholar Yu Kongjian said that this is a natural revenge for the construction of the cement river dam by humans. The implication is that the demolition is not enough, we must continue to dismantle! It seems that he will not be satisfied until China breaks down its own water conservancy project into 1931 or 1937. What is embarrassing is that Yu Kongjian has hated modern cement and water conservancy projects, but he only appealed to China to be demolished. He refused to go back and remove more tens of thousands of cement reservoirs and river sections built by the United States.

Of course, in the course of development over the years, China has experienced the necessary period of basic industrial construction and paving, so these industrialized infrastructure processes have indeed caused some pollution to the river. But the accounts of these pollutions are inexplicably counted on the water conservancy project.

In the past two years, I have repeatedly found media reports: “The Ministry of Water Resources has demanded strict control over the construction of water conservancy projects in the Yangtze River Basin.” But this is purely the title party. The Ministry of Water Resources has never said this. In the original news of the Ministry of Water Resources, it proposed science. Planning and development of water conservancy projects in the Yangtze River Basin.

Some media also said that General Secretary Xi said: “You can no longer engage in water conservancy development.” But in fact, this is still a misunderstanding. General Secretary Xi’s original words are very clear. He said: “We must use development and innovation to protect the ecology of the Yangtze River Basin.” It is to use “development and innovation” to protect, rather than let the river remain intact, not to allow flooding, or to keep the rivers and lakes intact. Unusual state.

In fact, under the error of “not developing”, the Nujiang is currently developing at 0, and the Yarlung Zangbo River is basically not developed. However, the result of this undeveloped development is the long-term landslide along the two rivers, the destruction of vegetation and the desertification of the mountains.

Over the years, Western NGOs and a large number of experts and scholars from China have used the Internet to spread rumors and use various high-end forums to instill false pseudo-scientific ideas and anti-hydropower rumors against Chinese officials, especially high-level officials. The ultimate goal is to completely destroy China. Energy security.

At present, China has a population of 1.3 billion. Energy security is the basic factor that guarantees the long-term stability of our country, second only to food security. However, these Western NGOs and lobbyists have started with all the energy fields in China. Through the Internet, a large number of rumors of black water, nuclear power, and thermal power were fabricated. And they are also instilling rumors of other energy types among experts in different fields, leading to mutual conflict among experts.

They instilled rumors of nuclear power and thermal power into hydropower experts, their rumors of instilling hydropower and nuclear power into thermal power experts, and their rumors of instilling hydropower and thermal power into nuclear power experts. Over the years, I have been to these three types of energy industry many times, and I have found that experts in the three industries do not know much about each other.

As a result of this mutual conflict, the energy construction plan during the 13th Five-Year Plan period was put on hold. Nuclear power has not been built, hydropower is not allowed to be repaired, and thermal power is shut down. These status quos have seriously affected China’s industrial development, energy security, and even national security, and must be highly valued by relevant departments.

At present, China is still a developing country, and our per capita energy use is much less than that of the developed countries in the West. There is no overcapacity in China and there is no excess electricity. This is only a temporary phenomenon. If we want 1.3 billion people to live a well-off life, we must vigorously promote urbanization, maintain political stability, and jump out of the middle-income trap. China’s current power and production capacity are far from enough. Not to mention, China needs more power and capacity to complete the strategic integration of the “Belt and Road” initiative.

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