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Subsidizing foreign export tax rebates is the cancellation

Export tax rebates, so that the price of goods sold abroad is reduced, and manufacturers can still have profits, which in effect allows foreign consumers to get financial subsidies from China. Therefore, Chinese goods are sold in the United States, cheaper than in China. This is to take the state financial subsidies to foreign consumers. In 2009, China’s export subsidies amounted to 648 billion yuan. This is equivalent to the Chinese government subsidizing 648 billion yuan of foreign consumers, which exceeds all subsidies for the domestic people. Therefore, reducing export tax rebates is a good thing.

Some netizens said that developed countries are also engaged in export tax rebates, and export tax rebates are an international practice. This is not the case. For example, the largest subsidy in the United States is agricultural exports, which are food exports. Exports have already smashed soybean production in China. Now more than 70% of China’s soybeans are imported. If we do not use soybean oil produced from exotic soybeans and the feed produced by it, the Chinese diet will drop to the level of 30 years ago. If you encounter a big famine again, for example, if the grain yield is reduced by 20%, there will be a serious shortage of food, which will lead to starvation and civil strife. The United States now produces less than half of the goods it consumes. Most of the goods are printed in dollars, and imported from abroad, there are subsidies to export. American agricultural exports are actually strategic weapons. Through grain weapons, many small countries’ agriculture was destroyed. In 2008, the United States engaged in corn alcohol and reduced exports. At one time, the world talked about grain change. Many small countries had to follow the US command in order to obtain US food.

In the case of export commodities, the first is the US dollar, and we should replace it with the goods we need as soon as possible. Because the dollar is not used, it is stored in the hand, because the dollar depreciated by 50% in almost 8 years. After 50 years, there is only less than 2% of the original value (this calculation is very simple, 6 8 years is 48 years, depreciating 0.5 to the 6th power, equal to 1.56%). 40 years ago, the US government promised that the $35 owed is equal to one ounce of gold. Today it is more than 1,200 dollars. The owed is equal to one ounce of gold. That is to say, the dollar that was stored in the year was owed, and today it has only 3 The % is not enough, and the remaining 97% have taken the American scammers away. This is essentially the tax imposed by the United States, and we have a huge loss.

The purpose of our export increase is to exchange for domestic shortages of goods, not for the US dollar. In the case of foreign exchange shortages, export tax rebates can be used to increase exports, thereby obtaining foreign exchange in exchange for domestically needed commodities. This should be the main role and timing of the export tax rebate policy.

In recent years, China’s foreign exchange reserves have been in the first place in the world for a long time. The US dollar reserves have reached US$2.5 trillion. The depreciation of the US dollar has lost 200 billion U.S. dollars per year. It has been taken away by the Americans. In economics, the so-called coinage tax has been banned by the government. Foreign currency is to prevent ordinary people from storing large amounts of foreign currency, which leads to taxation of foreign coins. It is ridiculous that our elites now have a large reserve of foreign currency. Stupid elites are still in the mainstream media, discussing the arbitrage to make money, the foreign currency can save value, and forget the basic economic principles.

The dollars that the elites exchanged don’t know how to use them, and then export tax rebates and increase the dollar. Not only do they have no benefit to themselves, but they also continue to increase losses. The sequestration tax levied by the United States is increasing. Export tax rebates have become a simple subsidy to foreign consumers.

In order to reduce the problem of losses caused by the simple reserve of the US dollar, the government will issue a prescription for foreign investment or lending to foreign countries. For example, buying US Treasury bonds, lending the US government more than 900 billion US dollars to purchase two-bedroom bonds. 400 billion US dollars to get interest and reduce losses.

Capital will have interest income in China and in the United States, and this part of the income already exists. However, due to the policy of selling the country made by the elites, the preferential foreign investment will make it impossible for the funds to be profitable in China. Instead, they will lend to the Americans and let the Americans invest in China. Domestic enterprises will become foreign-controlled. For example, on April 6, 2010, the State Council issued a number of opinions on further improving the use of foreign capital, giving foreign capital super-national treatment, so that foreign capital can defeat domestic capital in competition, so that domestic capital cannot be established in the country. Now foreign-funded enterprises control more than 60% of domestic enterprises and control China’s economic lifeline.

It is ridiculous to take dollars to invest in other countries or lend to foreign countries. Mr. Zhu Dalu said well. “Everyone knows that buying national debt is to support the country’s construction. Buying US Treasury bonds is to support the construction of the United States. Isn’t China itself needing to build? China’s construction, the Chinese people are seriously poor, why don’t Chinese money give? Use it yourself, to support the affluent United States? How to plant your own homeland?” My own home has not yet been built, but I will lend the dollar representing material wealth to others to build other people’s homes. Of course, the elite explained that we cannot use the US dollar at home. As I said before, what we need is material wealth, not the dollar. If the dollar is owed, can you not import material? The key is that the people do not have the money to consume imported materials, and even a large amount of goods are accumulated in the country. Imported goods will also be accumulated into scrap.

Export tax rebates are also aimed at solving domestic overproduction and increasing foreign sales. This method of over-producing production also includes lowering the RMB exchange rate. A commodity worth 8 yuan in China and 4 dollars in the United States should have been exchanged for 4 dollars in the international market. However, our government officials set a rate of 1 US dollar equal to 8 yuan, and the result is only 1 dollar. . For a long time, we have exchanged for $4 worth of wealth for $1. This is mainly implemented through low exchange rates. We lose $3 for each such transaction in exchange for $1. In the past 30 years, the author has reported a total loss of at least $25 trillion in foreign trade transactions. The loss has reached nearly $3 trillion for up to one year, and now it loses at least $1 trillion annually. In the past few years, the wealth that was sent to foreign countries for free every year exceeded the wealth that the domestic people themselves consumed.

The export tax rebate and the low RMB exchange rate are all wrong solutions for the free delivery of foreign wealth. They all solve the problem of overproduction on the surface, but bring about a serious loss of material wealth and lead to greater development problems. The fundamental purpose of national development is to improve the living standards of ordinary people, increase the income and consumption of ordinary people, and solve the problem of overproduction, which also solves the problem of not using the US dollar. Moreover, by increasing domestic consumption and leaving material wealth in the domestic cycle, wealth will be preserved.

Matter is immortal, neither produced nor destroyed. Low-priced sales, the loss of material wealth, and the constant depreciation of the dollar owed in exchange for the loss of more material wealth will inevitably lead to the exhaustion of resources and material wealth, thus leaving the country in trouble. For example, energy is the fundamental guarantee for the development of modern society. However, after the use of energy, it will become waste heat that cannot be utilized, thus reducing resources. 75% of China’s energy is coal, and coal is a non-renewable energy resource. China’s existing reserves are more than 100 billion tons, and now the annual consumption reaches 3 billion tons, which is still growing at a high speed. According to this trend, it can only be used for 30 years. . Since the wealth we send through international trade each year exceeds the wealth of our own people, we can say that more than half of the coal we consume is free for others. The consumption of large amounts of resources each year to produce goods, and then large-scale delivery to foreign countries, will inevitably lead to the exhaustion of resources, leading to economic and social collapse.

According to reports, the 406 tax numbers for canceling the tax rebate accounted for about 3% of the total customs tax number; in 2009, the above products achieved an export of 11 billion US dollars, accounting for about 1% of the total export value of the year. Therefore, the cancellation of 406 export tax rebates, according to the calculation of 1%, only reduced the 6.8 billion yuan in 2009, 6.5 billion yuan, will not have a substantial impact on the low exchange rate and tax rebate subsidies, the export of low-priced sales. The bigger reason may be foreign pressure.

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