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Allahabad’s name changed to Yag Raj

The campaign to eradicate Muslim history and culture in India is on the rise. In the early days of the BJP government, the names of Muslim rulers and kings were removed from the textbooks and conspiracies are now being made to rename the cities, highways and railway stations allotted to Muslim rulers. Earlier, renamed as the main highway in Delhi, the capital of Emperor Aurangzeb, the Modi government gave evidence of discrimination, prejudice and hatred against Muslims.

Plans are under way to rename the historic city of Deoband, known as Darul Uloom, the world-renowned Islamic shrine. The communal leaders of the BJP say that “Deoband” is mentioned in Maha India and he was known as ‘Dev Bin’ because of his forests.

With the coming of Yogi in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, textbooks along with historical buildings, highways and railway stations are being abducted.

The Mughal Sarai Junction Historic Railway Station was renamed as Deen Dayal Upadhyay Junction. B
The president of the JP, formally announcing the memorial of the Mughal covenant at a ceremony, named the propagandist of the Singh family. Deen Dayal Upadhyay was found near the same railway station on 11 February 1968 in suspicious condition and hence Mughal Sarai was named after him.
In 1942, Deen Deal became a member of the IRS. In 1951 when the foundation of India Jinn Singh
Dali was the first general secretary of UP. Deen Dayal Upadhyay quoted Muslims as saying, “They should prove their Indianness.” They belong to India. They have Indianism. What is left in India is suspicious, so they have to prove their loyalty. ”

Din Dewal was also the first president of Jan Singh and was loyal to the Singh family. About Muslims
The style of hate and hate can be summed up by his statement. The Hindu government has become so blinded by Muslim prejudice that it is constantly distorting the civilization of Muslims from the Indian soil and the monuments of Islamic history.

India’s historic city of Ala Abad de Koshingar has made it a target. The Yogi government has renamed the historic city of Allahabad as Pragya Raj and has been approved by the communal Indian Parliament.

According to the state chief minister wants to change the name of Allahabad, a city of Muslim and ancient importance, before the Kambh festival. According to the Hindus, this city, held at the confluence of holy shrines, takes place every year, and the Kambh festival is held once a year after twelve years.
Chief Minister Uttar Pradesh says that the names assigned to buildings, cities and highways will be changed in the Mughal era. In the early 16th century, the Mughal rulers changed the name of Prayag Raj to Allahabad.

Uttar Pradesh Health Minister Siddhartha Singh said that opposition to the name of Prayag Raj was not aware of the historical facts. The names of more historic buildings and cities can be changed right now, he said.

Allahabad, at the junction of the Ganges, has the honor of being the oldest city in India. There is a huge celebration of trade centers, holy places of Hindus and railways. King Akbar’s Palace, the Grand Mosque, the underground fort and the Khusro Bagh are some of the most famous historical buildings. The Muslims ruled the area for a long time.

During the British attempted to occupy the same area, but they faced severe resistance. Four years later, in 1861, the British ruled the city and established their own government.

Here Muslims and all religions, including Muslims, are identified by the name of the device. This city is educational and educational More important than There are also ancient temples and palaces. According to Hindu books which are very important in Hindu religion.

Allahabad is the city where the poet Allama Iqbal delivered a historical sermon known as Allahabad in 1930.

Many of the great poets of Urdu literature are from Allahabad and they have a unique identity in the history of Urdu Literature as Allahabad These include big names like Akbar Alahabadi, Noah Norway, Farak Gorakhpuri, Shabnam Naqvi, Raaz Alahabadi, Atiq Ullah Au Ba Dai. This city is also known as the city of the Prime Ministers of India 7 out of 13 belong to the same city.

The first Indian Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, includes ‘Lal Bahadur Shastri’, the next ‘Rajiv Gandhi’, Gulzari Lal Nanda ‘Sushunath’ Pratab Singh and Chandra Shekhar.

India’s leading English daily writes in its editorial, “Changing the name of Allahabad is like erasing history and nation’s memory.” It smells cool. The residents of Allahabad Never asked for a name change.

The newspaper also writes that Allahabad has been a multi-dimensional and commercially multi-national city for a time, with a scholarly ‘cultural’ industrial ‘vocabulary. The holy books of Hindus are written by Prayag Raj According to the Hindus, two holy rivers are situated at the confluence of the Ganges and the Jamna. The Saraswati river was also found at this place which is no longer traced. That is why it is also known as ‘Tiruvani Sangam’ in Hinduism.

Lai was built and laid the foundation of a separate city of Allahabad. According to the newspaper, “it seems that the historical facts of Allahabad from the Mughals have led to this retaliation. The mogul wants to erase the references to history.

A spokeswoman for KG tried to link the names of Mughal Sarai and Allahabad to the Ganga Cleanup Project and suggested that there should be no place on the banks of the holy river for Hindus to be associated with the Mughal rulers.

At the end of the aforementioned newspaper body, it is written that BJP leaders desire to completely exclude Islamic influence from UP’s political, social and cultural life. Is very dangerous. The Muslim population is 20% in the state, which is about 300 million. This state is equal to the total population of Kerala Is. For such a large population to not get its fair share in public life is to purify politics for a sect.
B in the last two elections The JP also refused to give any Muslim candidate a quote on 80 of the Lok Sabha and 403 seats in the Assembly.

The party wants to extend its policy of untouchability in politics to the cultural and social spheres of life as well. Public newspapers also criticized the BJP and the Yogi government for renaming Allahabad.
The Guardian writes that the Hindu government of the state changed the name of the city because it is Muslim The name was and was given to the Muslim ruler. The Gulf Times has also shown a picture of people aggressively distributing sweets, and writes that they are celebrating more before next year’s bash.

Former Chief Justice of the Indian Supreme Court, Markande Katju, has slammed the government for keeping the name of the device in question, saying he should keep Muradabad’s name in mind.

In his tweet, he suggested changing the names of 30 cities. In the list of Chief Justice, it is suggested to change the name of Fatehpur to Amit Shah Nagar, while one person joked on the humor of Justice Teju.
“Toju Ji! You are giving them these ideas and they will do it and they have nothing to do. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath’s hostility to Muslim names is not very old today.

When he became a Member of Parliament 20 years ago, he named Gorkhapur’s famous Urdu bazaar as ‘Hindi Bazaar’. Hindu Yu Wahwani, a Hindu sectarian organization, launched a movement to erase the Urdu market. Despite this, the name of Urdu Bazaar comes to life somewhere. After changing the name of Allahabad, Muradabad will turn into a number of Muslim names, including ‘Faiz Aba Vidh’ Khalil Abad.

Kanooj will also be changed to ‘turquoise names’ and the historic and ancient city of Hyderabad is named after Hindu goddess Bhagya Lakshmi.

The demand for the name of Aurangabad to be named is under consideration. The name of Ahmedabad will be renamed in the name of Hindus and Dussehramen. First, Bombay was renamed Mumbai. The government has recently renamed Gargogram to Garh village and is also planning to change the name of To and R.S. Kerala.

The state will be named Relk because Kerala is the name given to Christians. Opposition
The Congress strongly criticized that the renaming of the culturally and historically famous Allahabad would affect the identity of the area and its impact on educational and economic activities.

Will Rajasthan’s BJP government has changed the names of 20 villages in the state that were attributed to Muslims.

Jalaluddin Akbar Road was renamed as Maharani Pratab Singh. The Yogi government is also present in making the Taj Mahal a “taboo mahalia” and it was propagated that no Muslim king was allowed to make the Taj Mahal.

Was made by Muslim enmity has been behind the change of name from Taj Mahal to Allahabad. The BJP government is actually a sneak peek of India Every area ‘every street’ wants to root out Muslims from India by destroying the symbols of Muslim history culture and monuments attached to Muslim kings in every attack, so that the coming generations of Muslims living in India will be able to Muslim civilization ‘civilization could not be known.

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