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Delivery of 5 million cheap houses how much is the reality?

In a developing country like Pakistan, it is not enough for everyone to fulfill their desire to get a home because of economic problems and for that reason every new government promises to provide affordable housing to the people. Justice Justice and Prime Minister Imran Khan also promised to provide affordable housing for the lower income class before coming to power and now preparations for putting the project underway are under strong force, with the initial phase being implemented in seven cities. Houses will be built and the total number of houses will be 5 million, separately for the project. Akstan Housing Authority “is being established, but the project are being raised questions with the announcement that the project is the difference between the previous and the current government project while it is possible to reach completion.

According to Tashfin Safdar, the parliamentary secretary of the Ministry of Housing and the Ministry of Housing, the house is meant for low-income people who want to build their own houses but do not have the resources to build a house for a lifetime, for different income groups. There will be houses of various categories in which the National Registration Authority (NADAR) and other related entities will check the actual income and number of family members. In the initial phase, seven cities, Islamabad, Quetta, Faisalabad, Gilgit, Swat, Sukkur and Pakistan-administered Kashmir capital Muzaffarabad 10,7,5, and 15 marla They will join but take them to smaller units, which will include 3 Murley houses.

Parliamentary Secretary Tashfin Safdar said that the houses would be single-story in many places and would be flats in many places where there are now slum dwellers, but the government has not yet decided how many units will be constructed in the first phase. According to Tashfin Safdar’s government does not want houses to be built first and then to find people to keep them in, then the government will look at the demand for houses and then in this regard five lakh houses will be constructed in different stages. Will

Senior Engineer Sir Faraz Ahmed is the MD of Vigresso Consultant, which has been providing support for several construction projects in Pakistan for almost 4 decades, considering the current potential in the country, which is an institution but it Acquiring land within the capital and cities would be a daunting task, and because of these factors, the government started planning from Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s government until the last but those were left unfulfilled.

If the government builds houses instead of 4 to 5-storey flats, the place will have to look far away from the city, which will first create a transportation problem as people have to work in the cities, but more importantly it will cost more. In case of spreading of houses, construction materials will need more. How much will these houses cost, what will be the payment method and where will the capital be used for this then Tashfeen, the parliamentary secretary of the Ministry of Housing and Industry. Safdar said that these matters are still in the initial stages, but these houses will be sold in terms of income. 20 years will be on installments and installments shall not be sold until the whole house.

He said that the government’s role in the construction of the houses would be only aided by the assistance provided to the private sector and others so that the project could be completed.

The rate of purchase of installments on installments from Pakistan Main Bank is equal to zero as there is no trust then the present government will provide guarantee and convenience while at the same time legislation should be taken to prevent the sale of houses till the installments are completed. It should be noted that in the countries where the mortgage model is running successfully in the world, the interest rate in this sector is around 4% while in contrast the basic rate in Pakistan at present is 8.5% and the government. This is likely to increase further after borrowing from the IMF, according to senior engineer Sir Faraz Ahmed. If I give the lower income class 5 to 7 marla house in installments then he will not be able to pay as low income means 25 thousand monthly income, will he be able to pay ten thousand rupee installment and if the installment is less than that? If it takes twenty years, then who will pay such an economic cost?

Getting something on loan and paying its installments in the Pakistan Government Scheme has been a major problem in the past and if the government is saying that it will include the private sector, but this sector will ensure that. Benefit because they will work for profit not as worship, it will increase the cost of building houses.

In Pakistan, past governments announced cheap housing and work on several projects was underway and many projects were underway, including in recent days Lahore’s ASEAN housing scheme for the low income segment, Parliamentary Secretary Tashfin Safdar said. Said that the previous programs were created without any plan and their purpose was probably only to get votes and therefore failed but with that they said that in the future, those projects which could be put to use If our project enters the construction phase, it will not be necessary to build 5 million new houses at this time. They may come, but they are the houses that are currently or have been, and monitoring our bodies.

The Yemeni Secretary said that in such a big project, the government agencies involved in the private sector and foreign affairs will get the first jobs for the youth, as well as benefit the construction equipment industry. But at the same time, youths will be given training to build houses as well as create employment units within residential projects.

Engineer Sarfraz Ahmed said that there is no doubt that launching a big housing project would benefit a large number of industries and provide employment to people, including cement, crushing, electricity, sanitation. , Wood appliances, switches, etc. start to receive orders which create job opportunities and in addition to house construction requires a good manpower.

In Pakistan, public housing schemes have not been successful in the past, but the present government has vowed to launch the scheme in a systematic way unlike in the past, so we have to see experts say that it is economical over time. How the government manages to keep track of the mega project and its purpose is to reach the key to the home, rather than reaching investors.

PTI Chairman and Prime Minister Imran Khan is right to say that if the traditional style of government is adopted, the people will be subjected to wrath. They have the biggest responsibility today, PTI. Power is full of challenges, the people do not expect the traditional style of politics from the government. Imran Khan’s resolve is that he will be an example and urge everyone else to be an example. As prime minister, one hour will answer the questions and make the ministers truly accountable.

The biggest test of leadership of the PTI is to tackle the tactics of strong and experienced opposition on the one hand and to work hard with the sincere determination to fulfill the promises made to the people on the other. The high leadership of justice, with the commitment and support of young people who have fallen into the abyss to meet these challenges, is able to inspire and share hope.

The realistic scenario is that the new government will face severe economic and financial problems which will be dealt with wisely if it is dealt with properly and therefore it is the right of the people to associate high expectations with the new government. Realistically, they will not die, but since the public is assured and the commitment and insistence of the ruling party is reaffirmed, in this context, the commitment of the public is a natural matter, it is now up to them. How do they implement those promises and claims that the public is eagerly awaiting?

At the moment, it is to be expected that the type of government that Imran Khan wants to run will also be selected according to him, not to fall prey to political issues. The coalition parties look like the river bankers in power, but their priorities are not the same. Not only are the government’s political compulsions and concerns, and many factors stand in the way. Dealing with them and taking them along is akin to bringing a lion lion.

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