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General Bajwa’s Open Message to India and the World Community

The illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir by Indian troops in Srinagar on October 27, 1947, celebrated Kashmir Day by the occupied Kashmir Pakistan and people of Kashmir around the world. The darkness of this day has been handed over to the Kashmiris for 70 years. Thousands of injuries and thousands of rapes have been trapped. Thousands of innocent prisons’ persecutions continue to endure.
India is also constantly violating the Line of Control, because of the courage of the Pak army, the courage of the military and the professionalism of the highest level is not going to dare to take any major action.
Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa called on the Pak army personnel in Pondosector to appreciate their courage and ability to rock the dust of the enemy’s unclean intentions.

General Bajwa’s Open Message to India and the World Community

Addressing on the occasion, General Qamar Javed Bajwa said that Kashmir is an unresolved dispute and the people of Pakistan and Pakistan Army support the position of Kashmiris.

The Pakistan Army wants peace and stability in the region but the country is always ready for security against any aggression campaign. Considering General Qamar Javed Bajwa’s address, it has several aspects.

Rather, it would certainly not be wrong if it were to convey a clear message rather than address.
First of all, we have expressed a sincere desire for peace and order in the region as it will create stability and prosperity in the region. As much as it benefits Pakistan, it is also beneficial to India. The vast majority of the people are living a life of poverty and misery in their lives.

General Bajwa’s Open Message to India and the World Community

Secondly, it is a message to the rulers of India’s war crimes that they should not be misunderstood. Those who have lost billions of trillions of dollars worth of weapons to foreign companies or countries in which the US is The top professionals are filling tips for the highest professional military skills and courage of the Pak army. So the rulers in India’s war madness are careful to guard the Pakistan Army at every moment. There is a great response from them to any stupid adventures.

It is the Pakistani military’s responsiveness that has made the desire of Sir Jekyll Strike a warrior in the hearts of the Indian warlords and the Indian Army, because they know what to pay for such a fool. So, not only to deceive the people and fill the gap with their liking, the Indian Army Chief left a surgical strike which opened up a pool of savvy people in India and in this regard, the head of the Indian Army Could not present clear evidence.

General Bajwa’s Open Message to India and the World Community

Another Pakistan’s nuclear power is also keeping India from any aggression or else the leader of today’s Bharatiya Janata Party was standing at the Pokhran at the time of the nuclear explosion. And Deputy Prime Minister LK Advani made regular threats. The Pakistani troops were supposed to leave Azad Kashmir, but a few days later when Pakistan responded with six blasts instead of Chagai, the speech of these Indian leaders was stopped.

After that, India’s ruling rulers opened other fronts against Pakistan, in which Karachi and especially Balochistan had a major front, but the Pak army accepted the challenge and rescued the country and the country from terrorism by making a great sacrifice. Diladi – This great achievement of the Pak Army is actually a shameful defeat of India and the only clear sign of this defeat is the arrest of Indian spy present service officer Kaleb Shin or Dev.

General Bajwa’s Open Message to India and the World Community

India has countered it by a so-called American firm that advertised the services of Pakistan’s former military officer at an extremely attractive cost. Many former military officers may have offered their services in response to this offer, (R) The reason lying on Ayub is that it is understood that Klabhushan Yadav is the officer of the Colonel’s rank in the Navy, so the execution of the Pakistan officer of that position goes to accept the services of Colonel Ayub, an officer of the so-called American firm. Arrived in Dubai.

Colonel Ayoub sent his family home through his laptop, detailing how he was taken from Dubai to Nepal and from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, to a village near the Indian border, when he was taken to the border village and handed over to the Indian Army. Went and before India announced that a Pakistani colonial detective had been arrested and demanded the release of Kalbhushan instead, the whole story of tap Ayub came to light and the Indian project Failed.

General Bajwa’s Open Message to India and the World Community

However, he is continuing a conspiracy against Pakistan with the United States in Afghanistan. But the bus is not running ahead of the Pakistan Army’s commitment and courage. General Qamar Bajwa has also warned the international community. Because India’s war madness will have negative impacts on global peace, as well as the damage done to the peace process in South Asia, the international community should take action to counter India’s hostile activities.

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