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The effects of change in by-elections

The PTI had given its 100-day agenda in the election campaign and had made it a mark in the minds of the people that the Tehreek-e-Insaf government will come within 3 months. The milk vapor canals will start flowing in the country and create high expectations. People were voted for and the common man
Within three months after the appointment of the PTI, a great change was expected but due to economic turmoil, the state could not operate without the IMF’s new loan and if it was timely realized, a new government was formed. Had the IMF been approached, the economy would not have been that bad, but the government spent months thinking about it, and with each passing day, the economic situation worsened and when the government went to the IMF By then the economic wheel is fully jammed and the dollar price hike is the worst of the stock market Spleen, it is not difficult economic situation of responsible government and the Prime Minister Imran Khan has been expecting significant improvement from the nation for six months but I think the current government wants to get at least one year so that he can take steps throughout the year to improve the economy so that the country can borrow as much as possible. No need.

Due to the passionate speeches and dreams of the ruling party leadership, the common man wants immediate change and waits six months for the Prime Minister.

Not believing that the nation should quietly let the new government work for a year, and the Prime Minister should not even ask the nation for six months, considering the negative effects of his party’s credibility on the 100-day campaign, but also the long-term and realities. It is better to promise results based on time.

The new government has forced gas prices to rise significantly

Because it was necessary to run economic affairs and the government did not care what the negative or positive effects of the decision would have on the by-elections, if the government delayed raising the gas prices by holding the by-elections. Its by-election results will have unquestionably implications as inflation has increased after gas prices have risen, and the rise in the daily cost of the common man has tarnished the expectations of the people, and has sparked controversy from the new government and the ruling party. And difficult economic decisions and in some economic cases, unnecessary delays and campaigning Earlier, the popularity of the Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has diminished due to non-compliance with high-profile claims.

Tehreek-e-Sadiq was given the ticket in the general election and proved to be the most popular party in the Democratic Party.

Issued a ticket, which probably did not have the full support of Major Tahir Sadiq, which led to the defeat of the Tehreek-e-Insaf National Assembly in the by-elections.

He worked in the constituency which is why he has a lot of popularity in his constituency and on the other hand, difficult economic decisions of the new government have also led to changing the attitude of the people as well as the Prime Minister or someone in the cabinet during the elections. Neither in any constituency nor public meetings were announced, no development plans were announced, nor was there any government interference in the election process.

Only the decision to change IG Punjab was a move which was considered an attempt to influence the election results and the Election Commission reversed the IG’s decision. Humayun Akhtar just joined the PTI and was not given a ticket, which discouraged longtime PTI activists and leaders, and the PTI received very few votes.
I have written many times before that there was a time when the Peoples Party was in power. The second largest party in the country was a movement but our leadership has made similar decisions that the newcomers have been declared as “electiles”. The workers were ignored and then history is witnessing that the movement lost its popularity over time as the late workers and leaders realized that only a few wealthy families were occupied here with party positions and tickets. Well, this is the situation that is facing the same justice as soon as tickets are given to newcomers.

Day and night efforts are being made to improve matters and in the meantime they have reduced the focus on the party which is causing the party to disperse. However, the popularity of the PML-N has increased markedly in Punjab. On the one hand, after the demise of Begum Kalsum Nawaz, the public sympathy ‘Mian Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz’s bail release has created fury among the workers and on the other hand, the arrest of Shahbaz Sharif by the NAB also has different views in the public.

Eliminate the flaws by considering PTI on the results of The process of ignoring party workers, especially the late workers, should be closed at any time, so that the party’s popularity can increase. The seat of Karachi should once again be a moment of thought for the leadership of MQM, as there was no allegation of rigging in the by-elections and the PTI won from Karachi in a fully transparent election.

The MQM has been the largest representative party in Karachi but has been rejected by the public due to allegations of internal differences and some non-political activities. However, turnout in Karachi has diminished and MQM has the ability to bring out the masses. Considering the current situation, they need to work day and night to increase the party’s popularity.

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