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Tragedy kolgam and black October 27th

This is not an old thing anyway. There are no major breaks in the lives of 60 or 70 year old nations. On October 27, 1947, the Indian army entered Kashmir, celebrating Kashmir Day as a Black Day for the last 70 years. On this day, Kashmiris all over the world protest against the invading occupation of the Indian army in their homeland. Strive to awaken a global conscience, where Najani has fallen asleep in favor of Kashmiris after passing a resolution deciding her future in the UN.

It is the UN’s responsibility to comply with its adopted resolutions. India went from strength to strength in seventeen years of its control over Kashmir.

The conscience of the world community and the UN remained silent. Even though there are no Kashmiris. They have been operating their movement from 1947 to 2018. No pressure, repression or intimidation of India could put them down.

More than 7 million troops are stationed in the entire Kashmir Valley. Kashmiris are being martyred in the coming days. The banned weapons are being used in the occupied valley, which is also banned by Israel. Thousands of Kashmiris have been disabled due to these pellet guns. All this is doing to a country that does not embarrass itself as the world’s largest democracy.

The misery of Kashmiris, which began on October 27, 1947, continues till 2018. Last month in October this month, another day in the history of Kashmir was also black money, which will be remembered as the Kolgam tragedy. On October 22, 2018, 10 people were martyred by the indiscriminate firing by Indian troops who did not directly call on peaceful demonstrators protesting the martyrdom of three mujahidin.

More than 50 were injured. The whole valley was filled with sorrow and complete shutter down. Indian hostile forces have imposed curfew in various cities. Hurriyat leadership is under house arrest. Yasin Malik, who was released from jail yesterday, went into hiding. Because on October 23, the Hurriyat Conference announced a sit-in at Lal Chowk. Early in the morning, they marched with people from the nearby mosque to Lal Chowk. The army arrested them again after resistance.

There is a complete strike in the entire Kashmir Valley from Bara Mola to Kishtwar to Ram Bin to Kargil.

The entire valley is closed for solidarity with the martyr Kolgam. The martyr Kolgam has once again united the Muslims of Kashmir Valley with their blood. This unity is vital to the success of any movement. It is a shame that the reasons for the martyrdom of the Mujahideen are reported to the local informants, whom the Indian army pays heavily.

Many informants were pardoned after being arrested by the mujahideen, but if they did not stop, it is now suggested that the mujahideen be executed, which is a valid step. Similarly, Mujahideen has appealed to the local Muslim and non-Muslim police personnel of Jammu and Kashmir to abstain from violence in the protests. There is no choice but to.

In many local informants and violence, policemen have been the target of mujahedin bullets. But the brutality by Indian forces continues. In response to this, it is time that Kashmiris respond to the atrocities in the same way as it did in 1990. Then the entire valley was under the footsteps of the armed mujahedin. The Indian army was confined to the nuns. Had the local informants and Indian pro-traitor Kashmiris had not been treacherous even then, the map of Kashmir would have been something else today.

It was unfortunate at that time that the media was weak. The concept of social media was not realized. Due to strict sanctions, the atrocities could not be exposed to the world. Only some news came out via AFP, BBC or Voice of America. Time has changed The news spread across the globe in just a few seconds. The educated Kashmiris are benefiting from what India is worried about.

The new generation is taking advantage of modern technology, the problem is spreading Kashmir globally. Young PhDs educated in the Movement are joining hands with arms. There is no fear of Indian brutality and bullying. In the 1990s, Kalashnikov of every kind was involved in the movement. The trend of educated youth was low.

But now in 2018, young graduates, MS, M.Phil, PhD, youngsters are joining the fight to liberate their homeland without any provocation, and all these Kashmiri youths are trying to seduce anyone. Not on their own. Is it not a complete failure of India that Kashmiris seek separation from India despite all the efforts of the 70 years of oppression and political incentives?

He is not content with anything other than freedom. It is Pakistan’s good fortune that Kashmiris are fighting for the fulfillment of any compensation. There are Pakistani flags flying.

Pakistani flags are placed on the graves of martyrs. The Indian army demonstrates in front of the shadow of the Pakistani flag. Eat pills The Hurriyat Conference has been under heavy pressure since the tragedy of Kolgam on October 22, 2018. Now it remains to be seen whether she remains in the public relations table with Pakistan and India on the principle stand for resolving Kashmir issue with Pakistan The UN has also promised to hold a vote in Pakistan and India in Kashmir so that the Kashmiris can decide their future or they will be present.

Under dangerous conditions, armed mujahidin will once again recognize the position of Kalashnikov to take up arms in the same way as the 1990s.

At that time, Kashmir has become Gaza and Syria. Where India now leaves no option but to kill or die, if the Hurriyat Conference does not take any decision soon, there is a danger that Kashmiris will not be able to make their own decisions, which has apparently emerged in the form of martyrs after the martyrdom of Burhan Wani. Is. Now Kashmiris do not look to the Hurriyat Conference or Mujahideen in reaction to an incident by themselves.

Strikes or demonstrations are now all in their own hands. All you have to do now is decide whether to use a gun and a petrol bomb instead of throwing stones. If that happened, then he would not have to hand over the gasoline, take out a gasoline bomb and then pick up Kalashnikov. For which Pakistan has to be prepared. Thanks for the help because this last step of the war of liberation will be completed only after the Indian forces return from the occupied valley.

This is the step of the throne. If Pakistan had not pulled the hand of Mujahideen in Musharraf’s time, it would not have been a shameful retreat from Gargal if the Mujahideen had not closed. Now the only slogan left is that. Kashmir will become a graveyard of Indian Army troops. It is better to know that pro-Indian politicians, traitor Kashmiris, Indian informants and government officials, or else their end is near.

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