Saturday , September 19 2020
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Delivery of 5 million cheap houses how much is the reality?

In a developing country like Pakistan, it is not enough for everyone to fulfill their desire to get a home because of economic problems and for that reason every new government promises to provide affordable housing to the people. Justice Justice and Prime Minister Imran Khan also promised to provide …

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Should China impose an embargo on the United States?

The reason why rare earths have attracted widespread attention from the governments of the two countries and the public is because rare earths have important strategic value. Some people have vividly compared the strategic value of China’s rare earths: “There is oil in the Middle East and rare earth in …

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Look I’m gender critical…!

Domestic violence and oppression on gender-critical are the most tragic tragedies of our society. Although many measures have been taken to protect women’s rights, and laws have been made in the recent past, incidents of violence against women in Pakistan are increasing day by day. In these turbulent times, the …

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